For over 25 years, Ms. Goldsmith has been using a delightful combination of Inspired Branding and merging it with very Solid, Grounded and Practical Madison Avenue Marketing and Advertising Experience.

Who Needs Branding With Heart?

Who needs Branding? Anybody who cares about serving, and delivering their Product, and/or their point of difference.

Branding when done correctly should be your watermark, and should reflect your essence. Your Brand should stand out, and be authentically you. It should reflect, “Why work”... And, why it makes you joyful to make a difference.

When you pair ‘That’ with my 25 years of Madison Avenue and Entrepreneurial Experience, you have a Branding that magnetizes and attracts your Clients who are perfect for you.

One of my specialties is being able to Tune-in and Hear what your needs are.

Let’s say that you’re at a business who encourages people to share their business cards, and that you need to find a Real Estate Agent. And, that there are 4 or 5 possible leads there for you… Why do you choose one business card to take home one company’s card over another? Is it the design of the card? Is it your response to one person’s photograph over another’s? Is it that one feels more professional when you hold it in your hand?

I think it has to do with the vibration or the magnetism…  the essence of the person behind the card. It’s like going into a room and feeling like you’ve known this person before - it needs to speak to you…

So, Why Brand With Heart?

Your LOGO must “speak” to your Audience...

When it does, you get more sales.

You get happy clients.

You get return sales.

Sometimes, Refreshing your existing Brand's Imaging can give you just the mileage you need!


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