Does Your Branding Have the Secret Sauce?

Since you’re an entrepreneur by heart, you probably know, and understand the importance of Corporate Branding to your Business.

Every day we take in about 100,000 images, from our cabinets, refrigerators, from driving to work and/or with your family. They’re everywhere… Some we “receive” and “know” within three seconds of viewing.

For example:

McDonald’s Arches – you know if you’re a “good” parent, that you will buy your son or daughter a ‘Happy Meal’.

Starbucks – yummy coffee when ‘on-the-go’. Wonderful and creative coffee flavor

Apple – Top of the line and high end. Cool looking technology that leads the way… Having an Apple Watch, iphone, or itablet visually communicates in unspoken words that you have what it takes, and are successful in Business and Life.

What’s the key to their success?


What the National and International Brands do, that most of us Entrepreneurs cannot do, is to put a lot of money behind their brands. Not only do they invest thousands of dollars behind multi-marketProduct Testing and Test Markets, but they spend Thousands and Thousands of dollars on their Corporate Imaging to find their Optimal Target Audience.

When you hire someone to design your Logo, or use Fiver, you’ve taken a major short cut. In some circumstances, when you’ve already done your research and testing with experience, (or are using the tried-and-true Coaching of your Mentors), most of the time, you are getting just a design.

Sometimes you luck out and choose someone who can deliver a Logo that successfully communicates your message. However, what is tricky here, is that you CAN have a beautifully designed Logo that misses the mark and is actually delivering an UNSEEN and UNHEARD message that is actually taking you off track. And cause you to lose sales instead of gain them.

How can you have a Logo that is UNSEEN?

You may find this surprising, but most people Do have that problem.

The problem is that they don’t realize it’s a problem. They’ve got a “nice” Logo that, if they were well counseled, appears precisely with the same image, color and font consistently everywhere!

So, assuming that your answer was “Yes” and that your Branding is correctly showing up on your Business Cards, Imaging, Social Media, etc, how could your Logo be “UNSEEN?”

Simply put, you have 3-7 Seconds to recognize, read and/or receive the content of what you’re seeing. STOP. In reading this one past sentence, that’s about 7 seconds!

During these past 7 seconds, especially when you are looking at New Contact’s Business Cards, that means that you would have had to recall:

1) The Person

2) How and/or where you met them

3) What Business he said he was

4) Whether or not you actually needed or were interested in them

5) Whether or not you actually required (or would require in the future) their services

6) Did you Like and Trust that Person

7) Does it serve you and/or your Business to follow thru

That’s a lot of information!

And what’s not included in those seven recall items above are:

8) How the Card over-all makes you “Feel”

9) What kind of “Feeling” am I getting from their photograph?

10) What Thoughts are coming up when I see, read and touch their Business Card?

11) Do I understand “What” they do when I read the card and see the logo?

12) Does their Essence, Business or Positioning Line get my attention?

13) Did I enjoy meeting this Person?

14) Is this a company and/or product that would be in alignment with my own Company’s Vision and/or Marketing?

15a) How did I meet this Person? And,
15b) Do I trust the context of our meeting connection?

16) Who introduced me to this Person?

16) Do I Like this Person?

16) Do I (or Could I) Trust this person to represent me and my company?

17) Having read their Business Card, am I finding myself thinking about anything unrelated? And if so, what*.

Here is where “Essence Branding” comes in forefront and center.

It’s what is NOT being said. It’s what your mind does with the seconds and minutes AFTER you’ve just had your 3-7 second “reading” of the Business Card.

The UNSEEN is what is communicated between the words… what you see, sense and feel long after you’ve left your Networking Meeting.

Marketing and research often uncovers and sift out that which doesn’t work, but sometimes can overlook the obvious.